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PubHelix is a full-service sales extension and monetization solution for premium online publishers.

Our Services

  • Yield Optimization. Real-time technology ensures every impression is monetized to the fullest. Achieve higher CPMs from a marketplace of premium advertisers. Reduce operating costs.

  • 24/7 Service. PubHelix offers technical implementation, ad operations, sales, support, consulting, billing and collection.

  • Full Transparency. Maximum brand safety. Detailed reporting and marketplace insights

For Advertisers

  • Engaged Users. Increased reach into local markets via direct relationships with online news publishers. Unique technical solutions provide high-value targeting options.

  • Full Service Trading Desk. Extension of publisher sales and ad ops teams. Detailed bid guidance, forecasting, and exchange competitive insights for highest ROI.

  • Operational Efficiency. 24/7 service and support. Complete brand safety. Billing and reporting consolidation.

For Publishers

  • Holistic Banner Optimization. "Bottoms up" inventory monetization strategy. Ad size/placement consulting and best practices. Unique technical solutions for increased ad relevancy and protection.

  • Full-Service Management. 24/7 non-guaranteed ad server operation including technical implementation, ad operations, sales, quality control, and billing. Complete transparency into exchange marketplace performance, advertisers, and reporting.

  • Maximum ROI. Non-exclusive, low-cost terms and conditions. No commitment.

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